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    Managed Security Services Provider

    Logi-Tech provides managed security services for your business, leveraging exclusive partnerships with award-winning threat detection software. Offering multiple levels of early alert and robust protection for your business IT infrastructure.
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    Reduce your exposure with Automated Security Validation

    Focus on tackling the most urgent vulnerabilities by identifying and neutralizing their underlying causes to prevent potential attacks. Consistently bolstering your security measures is crucial for staying proactive against emerging threats.

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    aria AZT PROTECT

    Advanced Defence Strategies for OT Networks

    To ensure the security and resilience of your OT network against sophisticated cyber threats, it's imperative to adopt a more advanced and pro-active strategy. Logi-Tech offers a best practice security solution specifically designed for the complexities of OT environments. Protect your critical infrastructure by taking action today and fortifying your defences for tomorrow's challenges.

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    Instant Security Operations Centre (SOC)

    Enterprises throughout Australia engaged in the operation of critical infrastructure are compelled to fortify their defences against escalating cybercrime while adhering to regulatory frameworks and elevated insurance standards. In recognition of this, Logi-Tech has collaborated with ARIA to offer a turnkey, monitored, comprehensive Security Operations Center (SOC) solution.

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The goal posts move too fast for a human to keep up. Trust our award winning software to do the early detection for you.

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Focusing on the most critical alerts, we know how to ignore the “noise” by leveraging AI-driven, machine learning-based threat detection models.

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Our systems move quickly to minimize ongoing risk and prevent the escalation of potential threats.

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Upon detecting a problem, we can automatically activate protective measures to secure your IT infrastructure.

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Understand your risk profile with continuous testing


Network security validation in-depth.

Map your internal attack surface | Challenge your internal controls | Prioritize exposure remediation

Focus on uncovering and addressing key vulnerabilities across your network through Automated Security Validation™. Thorough testing of every network segment identifies and rectifies vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and exposed credentials promptly, preventing potential exploitation.

Embrace an attacker's mindset to rigorously test your security controls using a broad array of techniques from an extensive attack library, aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK® framework. 

Prioritize and address the most critical vulnerabilities by understanding and mitigating the root causes of potential attacks. Continuous vigilance and enhancement of your security posture are essential in staying ahead of threats.

Next-generation cybersecurity


Future-Ready Security Solution for Operational Technology (OT) Networks

ARIA Zero Trust PROTECT (AZT PROTECT™) is a comprehensive AI driven defense system that protects all your OT endpoints from ALL cybersecurity threats – known and unknown.

  • Stops all attacks immediately as they try to execute
  • Stops attacks Cloud based EDRs don’t
  • Understands known good applications, processes, etc… and blocks the rest
  • Each endpoint is fully autonomous, stops the attacks then reports:
  • Makes application vulnerabilities and patching near irrelevant by blocking exploits
  • No need for cybersecurity trained staff
  • Lightweight – can be rolled out on OT equipment with 20-year-old OS versions
  • Can run fully air-gapped


Aria ADR

Your New Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Companies across Australia that operate critical infrastructure must ensure they can respond to the rising threat of cybercrime and comply with new regulations and insurance expectations. For many businesses it is not economically or logistically feasible to create an in-house SOC. Logi-Tech have partnered with ARIA to provide a monitored, turn-key solution so that you can focus on what you do best.

  • Monitoring data insights from 7 separate software suites
  • Monitor all threat surfaces to detect known and novel cyberattacks.
  • Take advantage of ML-powered threat models that evolve to detect a wide range of attacks.
  • Defend against intrusions, ransomware, DDoS attacks, data exfiltrations, and so much more.
  • Trust a single solution to monitor firewalls, applications, inter-VM communications, and other potential attack surfaces
  • Cloud-based and on-premises solutions available.

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